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Educational Papers On "Astronomical Events", Page 1:

Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
Revelation 12, An Alternative Interpretation:
As an Overview, just a few things to know:
In the book "120 Jubilees", the year of Creation is mathematically projected back in time to be BC 3907. That is: Julian Day Number (JDN) 294706.0, which is Atonement Day, which is (Sunday BC 3907/11/11, which is 07/10 Lunar):

Now, noting that Saturn's position is between SCORPIUS:GRAFFIAS:BETA, OPHIUCHUS:Y6153:OMEGA, OPHIUCHUS:Y6175:ZETA:
•  Go back in time to bring the Sun to be along side of Saturn in that year (BC 3907):

This is Sunday BC 3907/09/30, which is JDN 294664.0, which is 05/27 Lunar, which is the last day of the waning month 05/30.
Notice this date has Mercury + Saturn + Sun + Venus + Moon gathered together, within the constellations SAGITARIUS + SCORPIUS + LIBRA:
   (Mercury is in OPHIUCHUS)
   (Saturn + Sun is in SAGITARIUS)
   (Venus + Moon is in LIBRA)

•  It just so happens to be:
That Saturn's Sidereal Cycle (1 lap around the sun) takes about 10759 days, which is 1537 weeks (53 * 29 * 7). Exactly divisible by '7'!
Because the universe is slowing down, Saturn's Sidereal Cycle calculated today is longer,
about 10759.494 days, about 29.458 years per lap.

Using Saturn as a time-piece, watching it from space, watching it lap around the sun, once every 10759 days (29.458 years).
Then the year 2015 is one of those years where Saturn laps around again, 201 laps after Creation year.

•  (201 Saturn laps) * (10759 days for each lap) is 2162559 days (for Saturn to orbit around 201 laps).

Advance 2162559 days (advance 201 Saturn laps) from JDN 294706.0 (Creation Atonement):

•  Is JDN 2457265.0, Sunday 2015/08/30, which is 06/14 Lunar, which has Sun + Mercury + Venus + Mars + Jupiter all gathered together.

Going forward in time from here, to bring the Sun to be with Saturn (as did in Creation year), requires adding exactly 91 days (which is another 13 weeks (13*7), which is exactly one Season in the Enoch-Calendar) to accomplish.

This gets to (Sunday 2015/11/29 is 09/16 Lunar), JDN 2457356.0, with Mercury + Saturn + Sun + Venus + Mars + Jupiter gathered together.

The important point being made is:
•  That the year 2015 is the year in which the Saturn heavenly time-piece completes its 201st lap around the sun.

Below you will see that this same year, 2015, is also a possible year for when the Revelation 12 prophecy can be fulfilled. It just so happens to all come together, in 2015! The Saturn time-piece, and the sun and moon being at the right place in Gemini.

These come together in 2015!

The right place in Gemini also matches again in 2018 too, but does not match after that, and, Saturn is past its 201st lap.

Now, Rethink the Revelation 12 Prophecy:
Typically, this prophecy is said to focus on the constellation of Virgo, the virgin woman. But what needs to be asked is: "Did our modern Western Zodiac depiction even exist when Revelation was written?" If not, then which Zodiac would Revelation be using?

In the Egyptian Zodiac Gemini-Pollux is the female, and Gemini-Castor is the male. Gemini is depicted as mankind, both a male and female holding hands.

In the Egyptian Zodiac (what we call) Hydra (the dragon) is depicted as six separate figures. This string of six images stretches from Libra to the feet of Gemini, for about 1/3 of the stars of heaven. Note that in our modern Western Zodiac Hydra does not take 1/3 of the stars.

Notice the head, the perched and crowned hawk of Egypt, has the head directly below the woman's feet, but not below the man's feet.

Thus, there is another 'woman' in the heavens to consider for the Revelation 12 prophecy.

When is the sun in Gemini, and at the woman's feet, and the moon below the feet too? Once a year the sun is in Gemini, but the moon may or may not be with the sun, and may or may not be below the sun too. As it turns out, there are not that many "matches".

Recent and future matches for the Sun being below "Gemini-Delta" and "Gemini-Lambda" (the stars at her feet), with the moon directly below the sun:

   (Monday AD 2010/07/12 is 03/29 Lunar), JDN 2455390.0, with Saturn + Mars + Venus + Mercury + Moon + Sun gathered together.
      plus 1260 (180*7) days is JDN 2456650.0, is winter (Monday 2013/12/23 is 09/19 Lunar)

ADD 1092.0 (156 * 7) to '2455390' to next match
   (Tuesday 2013/07/08 is 03/29 Lunar), JDN 2456482.0

ADD 738.0 to next match
•  THE 2015 MATCH: (Thursday 2015/07/16 is 04/29 Lunar), JDN 2457220.0, is 05/01 on waning Lunar,

The Moon sweeps below the sun quickly, changing position fast by the hour. This sky-scene is just a snapshot in time. The 1260 day prophecy of Revelation 12 may start on a day that is on or near this matching date.

Gathered together on this date were Venus + Jupiter + Sun + Moon + both 'Mercury & Mars' (but these two are too close together to see on this chart).

Remember that our modern depiction of Gemini is neither the same shape, nor in the same position in the sky, as is the Egyptian Zodiac.
Just go by the two stars, "Gemini-Delta" and "Gemini-Lambda".

   plus 1260 (180*7) days later will be winter (Thursday 2018/12/27 is 09/19 Lunar), JDN 2458480.0.
   This date will have Saturn + Sun + Mercury + Jupiter + Venus gathered together.

ADD 1094.0 to '2457220' to next match
•  THE 2018 MATCH: (Sabbath 2018/07/14 is 03/30 Lunar), JDN 2458314.0.

Venus + Mercury + Moon + Sun
   plus 1260 (180*7) is winter (Sabbath 2021/12/25 is 09/20 Lunar), JDN 2459574.0.
   Will have the Sun + Moon + Mercury + Venus + Mars + Jupiter + Saturn gathered together.

No more matches as the moon is either 'not there' or is above (too high of) the sun.

To see a chart showing how the year 2018 fits within the Jubilee Cycles, Click Here


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