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Information On 'Creation and Calendar'
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Educational Information On "Creation and Calendar", Page 2:

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 Was the Hillel II Calendar Used Before AD 350?
Some tell you that the "Jewish Calendar", what they mean is the "Hillel II Calendar", is the original ancient calendar used in the Temple. Such stories even tell people that Moses used this same calendar system, including the same postponement rules.
However, wisdom demands proof.
If such assertions are in fact true, then there will be objective historical evidence demonstrating the use of the Hillel II Calendar prior to its introduction by Hillel Ben Judah's convened synod (committee).
But there is none.
In fact, all historical records demonstrate that the Hillel II Calendar never existed previously. For example: there are letters written by Hillel Ben Judah's synod to the Jewish Communities in Persia, where Hillel's synod is asking the Persian experts for details about how the Lunar Calendar works. Not only do such letters demonstrate that Hillel's synod was not expert in the calendar details, but that the Lunar Calendar was (as a fact) the calendar system being used, by the entire region, at the time they convened.

Even the very book authority on the Hillel II Calendar tells us that this Calendar was not used before.
[Context is prior to the synod of Hillel Ben Judah creating his Calendar]
"In the earlier times. . . The beginnings of the months were determined by direct observation of the new moon. Then those beginnings of the months were sanctified and announced by the Sanhedrin. . .", (Ref. "The Comprehensive Hebrew Calendar", by Authur Spier, Pg. 1)

[Context is when to announce each New Moon proclamation]
"This custom keeps alive the memory of the time when the Sanhedrin sanctified the months on the basis of observation. It calls our attention to the fact that today we determine our New Moons and holidays according the decision of Hillel's Beth Din." (Ref. Pg. 13)

The historical evidence demonstrates that the Hillel II Calendar was created circa AD 350, and when it started to be widely used circa AD 800, it caused a major split in the Jewish Communities. This split can be investigated by looking up references to the "Karaite Movement". Read the objective historical evidence demonstrating the Hillel II Calendar was invented, and never existed previously.
This Link is Vital!
There is so much historical documentation, and you need to read it.
The Historical Records
Show That
The Hillel II Calendar
Was Never Used Before

(Web Page)
 Is a Day from Sunset-to-Sunset, or from Sunrise-to-Sunrise?
Often Calendar Studies become confused because of mixing the two definitions of a Day ("Yoom"), within the same context. The task is to keep separate the difference between a three parts per Day "Yoom", from a Lunar Calendar Day "Yoom". The Ancient Hebrews Had
Two Definitions
of "Yoom"


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Please Use an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible and Lexicons
For the important scriptures, examine the grammar and look up the original words in a Lexicon.
Do this, and you will be stunned how many times the English Bibles disregard the grammar. By disregarding the grammar they change the meaning of the words, and by doing this they change the meaning of the sentences.

What Do You Need To Study the Bible From the Original Texts?

• Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible (buy a book):
• Online Hebrew and Greek Interlinears:
Hebrew/Greek Septuagint/Hebrew/Greek Hebrew/Greek 2nd

• Online Searching with Grammar and Lexicon Helps:
Search for All Occurrences Lexicon and Concordance Greek Grammar Explanations

When reading the Interlinear's English, when a word seems to be important, then look it up in the Lexicon and Grammar helps. You are not a Hebrew or Greek expert, so let the Lexicons and Grammar helps be the experts for you. Do this, and you will see for yourself how often the English translators disregard the original Text to promote their own doctrines. You will be aghast at the number of times they blatantly insert additional words, completely ignore the grammar, and choose their own wording just to slant the reader's understanding. However, your own understanding of the original Scriptures will be greatly enhanced!
See a Typical Example of Biased Translating


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