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'Yahowah IS 1' Community FAQ

The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community
Questions and Answers, Page 2

Living By Both Covenants

"Frequently Asked Questions", Page 2:
Yaho-wah and Yaho-shua
Know Who Their Saints Are,
Those In Their Spiritual Body of
Called Out Ones

You are using "Sacred Names", and my Group teaches that using Sacred Names is "bad".
Do I have to use Sacred Names to join?
No. How you decide to refer to "The YHWH/YHVH" and to His Son "The Ieesous" is up to you.

Understand that a Saint can only avoid using "Sacred Names" when they read only from a Catholic/Protestant Bible. Most English Bibles substitute the words "Lord" or "God" when the Hebrew Text has "YHWH" (English, the German language has no "W" sound, so it is rendered "YHVH" in German). Essentially these Saints are just avoiding the issue, by letting someone else choose a substitute word to replace the name of Israel's God, "YHWH/YHVH" (Exodus 3:15; Isaiah 42:8).

But when you read from the Hebrew Text, for example from a Hebrew Interlinear, you cannot avoid reading the name spelled as "YHWH", and therefore cannot avoid having to pick a pronunciation of how you will say it.

For example, you are reading out of your Hebrew Interlinear Bible to your children, and get to Exodus 3:15: ". . . YHWH the Elohim/God of your fathers, the Elohim/God of Abraham, the Elohim/God of Isaac, and the Elohim/God of Jacob, has sent me [Moses] to you. This is My Name [i.e. "YHWH"] forever, and this is My Renown [i.e. "the Elohim of Abraham, the Elohim of Isaac, and the Elohim of Jacob"] to generation of generation."

You can avoid having to say the "name of God" when reading a Catholic/Protestant Bible, because someone else has substituted the titles "Lord" and "God" for you. But when reading in the original Text you cannot avoid having to say something. So, what is it that you say? You have to pick something to say, so what is it? Do you pick "Yahowah", "Jehovah", "Yahweh", "Yehooveh", or one of the other scores of different pronunciations being used?

Understand, no one knows how to pronounce "YHWH/YHVH", not really. The Hebrew spoken language was lost for centuries. Not until circa 1880's was a spoken Hebrew language re-created again (Wikipedia). The Hebrew language you hear today is not the original language! What you hear today may or may not be using the original ancient sounds. The Hebrew language you hear today is a collection of modern guesses of what the words may have sounded like. Only YHWH knows how close the Modern Hebrew sounds are, compared to what He used when He talked with Moses. Bottom line, no one really knows how to say "YHWH", not the way it was said anciently.

But history aside, all of this does not matter. Because when you are reading from a Hebrew Interlinear, you still have to say something, you have to choose a way to say it. So, pick one.

Consider this: Just because you cannot pronounce someone's name correctly, does not mean that you say nothing, or substitute another word instead. Some people do not do well with the "L" sound. Names having an "L" sound do not sound right. But this does not mean that you cannot understand them. After a while, "Larry" will hear his name being called out, even when not pronounced quite right. Likewise, we are confident that the Creator of all life still "hears us", even with our tongue tied lisps, and our heavy accents, and our terrible diction, and will still recognize that we are saying His Name, even when we do not say His Name quite right.

Whichever way of sounding out "YHWH/YHVH" you may pick, it becomes "your choice", and "your preference". The pronunciation "Yahowah" is one preference. You may decide to pick another. When you pray and as you talk to others, YHWH will still understand you, and so will they.

There Is More To Understand:
Many of the Jewish communities forbid the saying of the Creator's Name "YHWH", neither out loud nor while reading silently. Instead, their Bibles substitute the word "Lord (Adonai)" so that they can say something else. Their justification for this is that His Name is too sacred, too holy, and sinful man should not venture to say it. But consider closely: where in the Text are we told to practice this substitution? Where is the Text on this?
There is none.

This prohibition is a "man made up" rule, having no justification in the Hebrew/Aramaic Text itself. Such "man made up" prohibitions border on being "a superstition", something not found in the Text. After all, the name of the Creator, "YHWH", is written over 6800 times, intended to be read out loud to others. There is no Text which even implies we are to substitute other words, instead of saying His Name.

There Is Still More To Understand:
Many leaders of the larger Groups use the phrase "Sacred Names" in a very derogatory manner, having the intent to set up a separating wall between the Saints. This is the same tactic used to cast dispersion upon anyone you are in disagreement. For example, while pointing your finger you tell others "They are legalistic" (said with a sneer). Name-calling does not help. It is only a childish school-yard tactic used to set up walls and keep people separated.

Look up the phrase "Sacred Names" on the Internet. You will find that the phrase refers to a movement started circa 1930's. You will find it refers to types of printed Bibles, wherein "YHWH/YHVH" is not replaced with a substitute word, but rather printed with a preferred pronunciation. Such findings inform us that the phrase "Sacred Names" is not derogatory. Instead it refers to a position on a doctrinal issue. So let's talk about the doctrinal issue, and not the name-calling.

What is really being objected to is that some take the extreme position that INSISTS it is essential to call "God" and "Jesus" ONLY by a Hebrew name. When pressed as to "Why", it is discovered that this position is the opposite of the Jewish communities' position, which forbids the saying of the Creator's Name "YHWH". That is, they take an opposite position, and treat the name "YHWH" like a "Magic Key", in which the Creator will only "hear" you if His Name is pronounced "just so" in Hebrew.

Many will remember seeing movies in which some witch or wizard is frustrated in performing some magic or spell, because they cannot pronounce the "Magic Words" correctly. No magic or powers happen until the witch or wizard finally gets it right, and pronounces the "Magic Words" "just so". But consider closely: where in the Text are we told that a person must pronounce "YHWH" correctly, as if it were a "Magic Key"? Where are we told that if we do not pronounce it "just so", then the Creator does not even listen? Where is the Text on this?
There is none.

We should avoid superstition, and stick to the Text. The prohibition against uttering "YHWH", and the assertion that you must correctly pronounce "YHWH" or nothing happens, are both a form of superstition, and neither position is supported by the Text.

And Something Else To Think About:
It seems inconsistent that those who know they worship the "God of Israel", will cringe when they see His self-given Name יהוה ("YHWH/YHVH"), or hear the Name of their "God" (e.g. "Ya ho wah") expressed in the Hebrew.

Why use a Hebrew/Aramaic name at all, why not just say "God"?
It is a simple matter of "Communication". Consider the following discourse to make this point:

You wrote: "I think Scripture, whether from the Bible, the Koran, or the Scriptures of the Eastern religions, are all on the same level, because everything comes from God."

In making a reply we need to define who "God" is. We must use a different word, to avoid confusion. To reply we will use the Hebrew Text definition of who is "God", which is "YHWH" (Exodus 3:15), and can be pronounced in Aramaic as "Yahowah". Using this definition and name allows this communication to distinguish between "God" as referring to 'Cush' or 'Osiris' or 'Isis' or 'Satan' (etc.), or to the "God" of the Hebrew Text, YHWH/Yahowah.

In reply:
We do not agree that "all things (religious manuscripts) come from YHWH", nor that all religious manuscripts are on the same level. But the question is "Why, logically"?

Our logical premise is that (what we today call) the "Melchizedek Priesthood" is the original Priesthood of YHWH, and continued after the flood through Noah and Shem. The line of Melchizedek Priests continued onto Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Moses, and afterwards to the "anointed of YHWH" who is the exalted Messiah and Melchizedek High Priest, Yahoshua (in Aramaic, in English 'Jesus', in Greek 'Ieesous - Ιησους', is equivalent to the Hebrew יהושע 'Joshua').

Finding manuscripts written by these men, and other Priests of YHWH, is to be expected. We give credentials to the manuscripts (not everything is written in Hebrew) from these sources.

Other Priesthoods have existed throughout history, but these Priesthoods are classified as "false worship" by the Hebrew Text. We are instructed, by the Texts of the Melchizedek Priesthood line, that the worship practices of these other Priesthoods are "not worshipping YHWH".

By "taking sides", we have created a premise, and a point of view. It is a matter of assigning "who is in authority" to the manuscripts we can get hold of to read.

We cannot agree that the Sanskrit manuscripts, or the other writings from the Babylonian and Egyptian Priesthoods, are instructions from YHWH. We perceive a stark contrast between the religious practices of worshipping YHWH in the Hebrew Text, versus the instructions given in the other manuscripts providing the worship practices given to the "Gods" of Babylon and Egypt.

Thus, we do not consider all religious manuscripts to be on an equal level.
Well, what about the Calendar? Which Calendar Do You Use?
The "Calendar Wars" continue.
The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community understands that Psalms 104:19 is a definitive declaration that the Moon (H3394) was made to determine the "Appointed Times" (H4150) of Genesis 1:14. In both these scriptures, and in Leviticus 23, the same Hebrew word, H4150, is used.

We use the Lunar Calendar, as defined by "The Book of Enoch", known to be used as far back as circa BC 2250. Enoch's Lunar Calendar is corroborated by the analysis of the astronomical sightings recorded by the ancients, and with the authority of the historical documents, and quotations, made through history by those who were actually there. Read "The Enoch Calendar with Synchronization" .

Regardless of what your Group's "calendar-experts" tell you: The calendar used by the Second Temple priests is well documented, the rules they used are known with certainty, and all you need to do is to read the historical evidence for yourself, Click HERE .

However, there is more to say. It appears that YandY have not made this information known to all Saints scattered in the numerous congregations. The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community will not enforce what YandY are apparently leaving alone. For this reason, each individual and Group may choose the Calendar System they prefer, and administer Holy Day and festival activities as they decide. The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community will make every effort to accommodate all views on the Calendar debate, and respect all Holy Day dates in which the Saints decide to celebrate.

Please Understand Why: essentially the 'Yahowah IS 1' Community deems every Saint to be growing in maturity, graciousness, knowledge, and wisdom. We understand that there will be differences in the level of maturity, graciousness, knowledge, and wisdom between individuals, so we expect it. It is the individual Saint himself, alone, which will stand in front of their Creator at Judgment. Much of this Judgment will be based on what we know, which requires education.

Education is the process of giving another person enough believed information that they become convinced to change from one opinion to another. If "the truth" is not presented in such a way that it can be both understood and believed, then it is not their fault that they are unconvinced.

Even the Truth, if presented poorly, cannot be understood
and conversely
Even the Truth, even if presented well, cannot be understood without the eager desire to seek out the truth.

Ultimately, each Saint is responsible for their own self-determination. Therefore, we want to allow each Saint to choose for themselves in those matters that are "under debate", or which are a matter of "preference" (differences in Administration).

The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community will make every effort to uphold a Saint's unique self-determination, and encourage them to follow their own conscience in such matters.

What about keeping Christmas and Easter?
The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community will make every effort to uphold a Saint's unique self-determination, and encourage them to follow their own conscience in matters of preference. Even so, the issues focal to a Saint participating in the rituals of Christmas and Easter are not a matter of personal preference, but a matter of violating the Text by participating in festivities honoring other gods. We must never actually participate in rituals that were created to give honor to the other gods. For an explanation of why this is the case, please read this two-page open letter:
Flirting With Idols (2 Pages)

How much does it cost?
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For those Groups and individuals which want to have additional capabilities, they will elect to have a Membership in their own local Group's Trading Post. Membership in their local Trading Post requires a monthly fee, the amount is determined and set by their own Group (not us).

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