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Standing Up for the Gospel of the Christ
as it is Proclaimed in the Greek Text !
Supporting the Independent Communities of Yahowah and Yahoshua

Yahowah and Yahoshua Know Their Own

Two Tassels Ministry

"Two Tassels Ministry"
One Tassel to remember the Torah Covenant
and One Tassel to remember the Refreshed Covenant
We are to grow into a loving and gracious life-style consistent with both Covenants

Profile of Elder Wayne L. Atchison

        Living By Both Covenants

"About Elder Atchison (Pastor, Teacher, Author, B.Sci.)"
Yahowah and Yahoshua
Know Who Is In Their Spiritual Body of
Called Out Ones

Yahowah IS 1: "One God" Means the Creator YHWH is a Singular Being, One Person having One Intellect, The only Elohim of Israel, The Father, who resurrected 'the Yahoshua', the promised Messiah.
Elder Wayne L. Atchison
Elder Wayne L. Atchison is a retired senior software engineer living in Polson Montana. He has been an ordained Elder since 1990, and a Pastor since 1996. He is the father of three sons, and has eight grandchildren. He is currently continuing his deep Biblical Historical Research, authoring books, articles, and presentations.
Elder Wayne L. Atchison was baptized into the Body of the Messiah in July 1971 at the age of 20. He has dedicated himself to the edification of the children of Yahowah (YHWH), and the Body of the resurrected Messiah Yahoshua (Jesus). He specializes in writing and teaching advanced Theological Topics and Historical Research..

In 1979 Elder Atchison served on a 501(c)(3) Church Board as Treasurer for six years, and has helped in coordinating 23 Feast of Tabernacles celebrations for the brethren. He gave his first sermon on the Day of Atonement in 1980. He led his first public Bible Study in November 1984, which continued twice a week for two years.

Since 1987 Elder Atchison has produced numerous doctrinal and research papers under the pen name "Christian Technical Notes". Several of his articles have been reprinted by other publications. Several published books have used his research material as authoritative references.

In February 1990 he was ordained an Elder in the Body of the Messiah, while serving a congregation in Bonny Doon California.
In 1996 he published the book "The Seventh Circle in Bible Prophecy".
In 1996 he was ordained the Pastor of a congregation in Aptos California.
In 1998 he started weekly Bible Studies in Bend Oregon which continued for four years.
In 1999 he was appointed Assistant Pastor for the Church of God 7th Day in Redmond Oregon.
In December 2000 he authored an extensive research paper on the ancient Calendar of the Second Temple.
In 2010 he published the book "120 Jubilees".
In 2015 he published the book "The Beast with Seven Heads and You".
Today, Elder Atchison is heavily involved in numerous Biblical research projects on advanced topics, and leads weekly deep Bible Studies.

Elder Atchison has served on many governing boards, presided over numerous dispute-resolutions, has led numerous congregations, given weekly sermons, conducted countless Bible studies, published books, organized and cooked congregational meals, lectured in many seminars, and is esteemed as an expert in critical Theological Issues.

His most valuable talent is his ability to honestly and with total objectivity examine any issue.

Elder Atchison is always willing to help people understand all sides of a Biblical issue.

What Are The Main Things That I Have Accomplished?
I have kept the Sabbath and Holy Days since I was 20, for 48 years.
I've been an Elder in the Body of the Messiah for 29 years.
I have served on several incorporated Boards of Directors, for years, including as Treasurer.
I have served as Pastor and Elder for many different Churches and Congregations.
I have helped to coordinate 23 Feast of Tabernacles celebrations.
I have written the Beliefs Booklets and Procedures Manuals for several different new Church Groups.
I have spent thousands of hours doing deep historical research on Biblical issues, including Chronology and the various Calendars.
I have published three Biblical Historical Research Books:
   • "The Beast with Seven Heads and You",
   • "120 Jubilees", and
   • "The Seventh Circle in Bible Prophecy".
I have written countless Biblical articles and presentations.

My most significant contributions are:
   • "The Beast with Seven Heads and You",
   • "120 Jubilees",
   • "The End of Man's Uncleanliness",
   • "The Laws Are Not Done Away",
   • "Under The Law",
   • "The Grammatical Translation of Matthew 5:18",
   • "The Ancient Usage of the Greek word "ἂν" (G302)",
   • "The Enoch Calendar with Synchronization",
   • The text written within this Website.

Writing the book "The Beast with Seven Heads and You" is by far my most significant contribution.

"Awareness: begins by seeking the truth,
and then by understanding what you have discovered as if YHWH is looking at it and you, both."

by Wayne L. Atchison

Man ==> YHWH, as (his Awareness)² ==>
"Man Approaches YHWH, as (the-man's-Awareness - Squared) Approaches Infinity"

by Wayne L. Atchison

It takes time and money to do serious and intensive Biblical Historical Research,
and then to write the articles, presentations, and webpages for others to read freely.
This means your financial support is needed.

Please be a part of this much needed Ministry.
Please give a Gift Offering to:

Two Tassels Ministry
1609 Lund Lane
Polson, MT 59860



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Please Use an Interlinear Hebrew/Greek Bible and Lexicons
For the important scriptures, examine the grammar and look up the original words in a Lexicon.
Do this, and you will be stunned how many times the English Bibles disregard the grammar. By disregarding the grammar they change the meaning of the words, and by doing this they change the meaning of the sentences.

What Do You Need To Study the Bible From the Original Texts?

• Hebrew and Greek Interlinear Bible (buy a book):
• Online Hebrew and Greek Interlinears:
Hebrew/Greek Septuagint/Hebrew/Greek Hebrew/Greek 2nd

• Online Searching with Grammar and Lexicon Helps:
Search for All Occurrences Lexicon and Concordance Greek Grammar Explanations

When reading the Interlinear's English, when a word seems to be important, then look it up in the Lexicon and Grammar helps. You are not a Hebrew or Greek expert, so let the Lexicons and Grammar helps be the experts for you. Do this, and you will see for yourself how often the English translators disregard the original Text to promote their own doctrines. You will be aghast at the number of times they blatantly insert additional words, completely ignore the grammar, and choose their own wording just to slant the reader's understanding. However, your own understanding of the original Scriptures will be greatly enhanced!
See a Typical Example of Biased Translating


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