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Yaho-wah and Yaho-shua (YandY) Know Their Own . . .

[ 'YHWH' Hebrew to English, 'Yahowah' in Aramaic ]

[ Yahoshua (in Aramaic, Greek 'Ieesous', English 'Jesus') ]

[ (the German dialects have no "W" sound, so YHWH is rendered 'YH V H' in German) ]

Two Tassels Ministry

One Tassel to remember the Torah Covenant
One Tassel to remember the Refreshed Covenant
Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style In Both Covenants

Standing Up for the Gospel of the Christ as it is Proclaimed in the Greek Text !

Empowering His Communities
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The Shema is a very meaningful thing to say every day.
Yaho-wah and Yaho-shua (YandY) listen . . .

Say Deuteronomy 6:4-5 out loud
Word-for-Word, just as it flows in the Hebrew Text. . .

"Hear O'Israel, Yahowah our Elohim, Yahowah IS 1
And you shall love Yahowah your Elohim,
With all of your Heart,
And with all of your Soul,
And with all of your Might."

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[ The New Covenant Witness (the Refreshed and Enhanced Covenant) allows us to add
YHWH's resurrected and exalted Son Yahoshua ]

In Yahoshua's Name (His Renown) , So Let It Be So !

[ Please say the Shema in your own language, in the language you understand.
If you talk and pray in English, then say the Shema in English.


Notice: the Bible does not say that "God is One"!
The Bible says that " YHWH (Yahowah) is '1' ".
"hear-you Israel YHWH Elohim-of-us YHWH 1"

The Shema was translated into Greek circa BC 200.
The Greek word they used is 'Heis' (εἷς), the cardinal digit '1'
. If they had thought that the Hebrew Text meant "one in essence" or "oneness in unity" there is another Greek word, 'Hen' (ἓν), they should have used instead.

The Ancient Worshippers Knew that the Shema Teaches
that YHWH/YHVH the Elohim/God of Israel is '1'

Click HERE to read the Septuagint Text for yourself . . .


When the Messiah Yahoshua (Jesus) quoted the Shema in Mark 12:29
the scribe translated it using the Greek word [ εἷς ]
for the cardinal digit '1'

Click HERE to read the Greek Text for yourself . . .


The Messiah Himself Recited the Shema as


What is ' Y H W H ' ?

The 'Y H W H' is the English equivalent of the Hebrew four letters making up the name of the God of Israel. Other languages have differing letters corresponding to these same four Hebrew letters forming His name. For example, the German dialects have no 'W' sound, so they use their 'V' sound instead, thus they have "Y H V H". What is of importance is that His name is written over 6800 times in the Hebrew Text, which of course is intended to be read out loud to others.

In the earliest manuscripts of the Hebrew Text being translated into other languages, such as "The Septuagint", these same four Hebrew letters were not translated, but were written (as Hebrew letters) in-line within the other language, and is still intended to be read out loud as the Hebrew sounding name. (Searching for "Tetragrammaton in Septuagint" will find examples in both the Septuagint and NT Greek manuscripts.)
"YHWH in the New Testament" (is an excellent long list of historical documentation).

Thus, no matter which language is used, there is a single four-letter-name of the Creator of all life, the only Elohim/God of Israel, and that name is these four Hebrew letters, which He uses for Himself over 6800 times.

People may pronounce these Hebrew letters differently, matching their own dialect, but it is still His Name!


Exodus 3:15:

God/Elohim [H430] said moreover to Moses: You shall tell the children of Israel this: YHWH [H3068], the God/Elohim [H430] of your fathers, the God/Elohim [H430] of Abraham, the God/Elohim [H430] of Isaac, and the God/Elohim [H430] of Jacob, has sent me to you.


This is My Name [H8034] forever,
and this is My Renown [H2143]
into generation of generation[s].


There is only '1' YHWH, who raised Yahoshua (in Aramaic, in English 'Jesus', in Greek 'Ieesous - Ιησους', is equivalent to the Hebrew יהושע 'Joshua'). from the dead, and it is this very same Yahoshua who is at this very moment sitting at YHWH's right hand, as YHWH's exalted Only Begotten Son, The Messiah, and as our Melchizedek High Priest Mediator.

We approach and pray to YHWH through our
Melchizedek High Priest Yahoshua
( no longer through the Aaronic Priesthood, Hebrews 7:11-17 ).

This means that to repent, you are to turn from whatever you are doing, into the direction of seeking the '1' YHWH through His Only Begotten Son Yahoshua.


You are reading this because you say that
you are a "Leader":

As a "courtesy" we are providing you with an opportunity to jump to the "Bottom Line". If you are indeed a "Leader", having an in-depth knowledge of the scriptures, then this link is provided so that you can quickly read "what is what".

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