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What About Doctrines?

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Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style In Both Covenants

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What About Doctrines?
Yaho-wah and Yaho-shua
Know Who Their Saints Are,
Those In Their Spiritual Body of
Called Out Ones
If you have been around the Sabbath Keeping Churches of God for any length of time, you may be wondering what does all of the "Doctrinal Divisions" really mean? We observe that the Saints are split into hundreds of large and small Groups, totally fragmented, so that no significant fellowship gatherings or outreach projects can be done.

There is a tragic reason why . . .

We observe that most of the larger Sabbath Keeping Groups teach that a person must "Know The Truth", or else he cannot be a "True Christian". They teach that those who do not "Understand The Truth" about almost "everything" are lost in a "False Christianity". This is the same thing as teaching that a person must "Understand Almost Everything", or else he cannot be "Saved". If you happen to be ignorant, then you are a "False Christian".

This prevalent teaching results in making the Saints fear losing their salvation, if they should ever allow anyone to change their understanding of one of their Group's doctrines. Many Saints are actually taught not to even talk about the Bible with Saints of another Group, lest they change a belief, and lose out on eternal life. Many Saints are taught to believe that attending another Group's services, or even having an honest Bible study with someone who is not of their Group, is the same as threatening them with losing out on salvation. That is: "God Forbid" that you should ever believe something that is not one of your Group's doctrines.

Most of the larger Sabbath Keeping Groups would never even consider having someone of another Group speak at their services. They live in fear that an outsider might convince some of their Saints that one of the Group's doctrines is in error, and that would be the same thing as tossing the entire congregation into the hands of Satan. Thus, most of the larger Sabbath Keeping Groups teach a Saint to live in fear, and that they must only believe "The Truth" taught by their own Group, or else they will lose their salvation.

The brutal fact is that the Saints are being taught to fear each other! Saints are being taught to fear the other Saints. This is the same as teaching that those Saints who are not members of your Group, are not really Saints at all; so you are not to show them the love and concern commanded by the Messiah (John 13:34). 1-John 4:18, "There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in love". That is: Saints that live in such fear must keep any feelings of loving-fellowship to outsiders as "Guarded" and "Hidden".

Thus, many Saints live a life-style fearing "new truth", and completely avoid having any brotherly fellowship with outsider Saints.

Of course "The Truth" is always "Their Group's Truth", and they seem intent on excluding everyone that disagrees. Many of the Group leaders seem to champion as many "Doctrinal Issues" as they can think of, ensuring that the Saints stay separated for as long as they are in charge. The prevalent attitude seems to be: "They Do Not Agree With Us, So They Are Not As Righteous As We Are". Thus, the Saints are kept separated, and the resources of the Body are kept fragmented.

We observe that the Saints are being separated by Doctrinal Issues ranging from "Who Baptized You" to "True Church Government" to "Calendars" to "The Divinity of Jesus". Such Doctrinal Issues are real, and they do not just go away. Understand that Biblical Issues exist because there is some ambiguity somewhere, and therefore they need to be debated.

But Biblical debates should always be viewed as "an Information Exchange", and "an Educational Process". It takes time and effort to be educated. Most people will not know enough to agree on everything. This means that the Saints must be willing to be gracious, and to love each other, anyway.

However, instead we observe that many of the Saints have no incentive to study for themselves, nor engage in any of the Doctrinal studies associated with the debates. Because if they did, and started to disagree with their own Group leadership on anything, they would probably be chastised, and even asked to leave the Group. Who wants to fear being chastised? So many of the Saints are resigned to just sit quietly, and allow themselves to be told what to believe.

Even so, should these Biblical debates on Doctrinal Issues be reasons to keep the Saints separated? Is it really true that the Saints cannot fellowship and work with each other unless they agree upon every single doctrinal detail?

If not, then who is it that is keeping the fear going, and thereby keeping the Groups and Saints separated?

There are so many different Groups, so many big Doctrinal Issues, and so many "Doctrinal Divisions". Many find themselves wondering "Who is right, and who is wrong", while being told:
"Let's not talk to them, because they are wrong about something".

Can a person's salvation, or their eternal rewards given at the Judgment Seat, depend upon fully understanding who is right on all of these Doctrinal Issues? Are you lost if you pick the wrong Group? Are you lost if you wind up being on the side that just so happens to be wrong, about something?
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Consider: what is the first source of "Doctrinal Confusion"?
Check to read why?
Salvation is not obtained by Fighting about Doctrines
Read this "From the Heart" Open Letter:
"The View From Where I Sit"   (2 pages)
The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community is all about helping the Saints in this End Time, both spiritually and physically.

Doctrines need to be viewed as: "This is what I know today." We are to grow in graciousness and knowledge, so we can never assume that we know it all now. We should expect that some of our understandings will be modified as we study deeper.

You do not participate in a 'Yahowah IS 1' Community because everyone in the Community agrees with you. You participate in a 'Yahowah IS 1' Community because you love the only 'Elohim/God' of Israel, and the resurrected and exalted Yahoshua (in Aramaic, Greek 'Ieesous', English 'Jesus') the promised Messiah, and you love the Brethren, and,
because you want to do things with them!

As you investigate this Community further, and think you might want to participate, then email us.

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