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Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style in Both Covenants

The 'YHWH Is 1' Community Website has already thought out many of the issues encountered when forming your own local Community. These Topics provide a "starting point" on those Biblical Debates which will come up as the Saints, having many different backgrounds, become involved.

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The 'YHWH Is 1' Community Website

The 'Yahowah IS 1' Community is dedicated to the empowering of the hundreds of scattered Groups and individual Saints which Yahowah and Yahoshua (YandY) have called out. At this time most of the Saints are loosely gathered into Churches and small meeting-groups. But these are not really Communities, as families live and work separately, typically only seeing each other for a few hours a week, around 50 times a year. Most of the time, there is no meaningful contact between the Saints during the other days of the week. In the 'Yahowah IS 1' Communities the Saints will interact with each other almost daily.

Communities are not held together by doctrine. Communities are held together by emotion and fellowship. The "from the heart concern" for the whole, and those within it.

This high level of commitment can only be accomplished with daily, at least often, direct contact. In order to live loving and gracious life-styles, each must be telling the others what is going on in their family, so that each can offer help, and receive help, so that each can have the opportunity to demonstrate themselves to be living a loving and gracious life-style. In this way the Community is held together, with each individual being able to thrive.

Although most of the Saints cannot be physically co-located, many local Communities may still be started. This requires the Saints to step out with boldness, and commit themselves to "make it happen".

Some Saints may decide to physically live in localized Communities. Whether living in a city, or on a farm, or in a localized Community, all Saints may take full advantage of the Internet and modern technology, to work together as a collective, to accomplish spiritual nurturing, charitable acts, outreach projects, and even economic independence.


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Living a Loving and Gracious Life-Style In Both Covenants